Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Masterclass is proven one-to-one support for salespeople or management that enhances performance and helps you retain talent.

Performance Turnaround

Dips in performance do not have to be permanent, so rather than replacing and then incurring the expense of recruiting, we work with individuals to help them regain their skills.

New Starter Introduction

New team members are an investment. Our approach helps trainees to get started, perform and produce results for you more quickly, with reduced chances of staff turnover.

Enhancing Top Performers

With Masterclass we unlock the potential of those who seek more from themselves and help them work towards their goals, meet their ambitions and increase loyalty to your business.

Management Mentoring

Management can sometimes be a lonely place. We guide and support managers at all levels with confidential assistance while also helping prepare them for more senior positions.

Why use a Mentor?

First of all, coaching is not training. The auto manufacturers deliver training really well and a lot of dealer groups have their own great training departments. We do not attempt to replace it in fact we simply complement it.

In today’s busy retailers, the employees are under many varied pressures and for managers there’s only so much that one person can do and focus on at a time. Whilst coaching and mentoring is universally agreed to be important it’s also time consuming, so unsurprisingly it finds itself at the bottom of the supervisor’s to-do list each day.

This is where we come in, each person’s needs are different, so we tailor an approach that is aligned with the business’s needs and the agreed areas of improvement with the individual. We meet face-to-face and remain in continuous contact as appropriate.

Why does it work?

Using an external coach or mentor works because an outsider with a fresh pair of eyes will often provide an alternative view or solution. Employees often don’t want to reveal perceived weaknesses to their supervisor, but will often open-up more to a trusted advisor.

Sessions can cover everything from fine-tuning skills to more sophisticated, nuanced and even psychological aspects of working in the automotive industry. Often employees confront their own behaviours that keep them from succeeding and getting rid of those self-limiting beliefs that have crept in over time.

When focus on that individual is maintained and is consistent, improvements always follow with continuous attention and commitment.

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